Matchbox Monday finishes 2022 Collectors

This week I begin my new streamlined look to doing blog reports. Well, for me, it is streamlined. Some people might look at it and say it is still pretty long. But this is much shorter than I how I used to do them. No diving back, no deep dives. There will be odd ones at times, as and when I feel they fit in with the theme. But I needed to cut out time spent in doing these. It was taking up all my spare time, and it was getting to me a bit. I was getting tired out trying to fit everything in. So, this is going to be the new norm. Just deal with the batch in question, and leave out a lot of extra waffle. Hmm! Waffles! Dammit! Now I’m hungry. This is the last batch of Collectors for 2022, and I received mine through Dirk Schleuer at his Moyshop store, although as I provide this link to the Wheel Collectors website, you might notice they are now for sale there as well. You can click here to go to the blog page. I hope you enjoy the article. Shorter, and hopefully just as fun.

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  1. For starters this series is not showing up at stores in my country as well as 9 packs, Convoy, Skybusters or Real Working Rigs, they’re completely absent in Poland. On the other hand, collecting latest Matchbox for me is based on pure luck. Sometimes i got lucky though, Matchbox Moving Parts for 2022 showed up lately (Mix7), see the delay here ? But i can’t complain, there was this special offer : Buy 2 models get third for just 1 Grosz, so i did bought 2 Moving Parts models and received third model for free (Orange 2020 Dodge Charger !!!!!! )

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