Matchbox Monday has some fun with playsets

Yes, things are a little different on my next article. Apologies for last week. I had some issues, and had no time to prepare my report. I am finding this with my new work routine, as I work a shorter week then a longer week. The longer ones are leaving me very little time to do my own things. So we may be seeing a once every 2 weeks turnaround for reports. Which means I do a lot of doubling up on models. Or I do smaller reports, and prepare 2 weeks of reports in one go and roll them out weekly still. I am still working out the details. But in all honesty, I will have to cut back a little as I am starting to tire from work followed by getting straight into writing up blog reports, and straight back to work. So either way, things will become a little shorter in future reports. But not this one. It’s big. Possibly the last overly big report. With Wheel Collectors now doing playsets, they sent me some to have fun with. And have fun I did. So I hope you enjoy this coming at some point during the day at this link.

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