Matchbox Monday begins 2023 basics and clears up 2022 confusion

This week, over on the Wheel Collectors website, I begin my journey through 2023 basic range Matchbox. Although, spoiler alert, there is one model missing at this time. It is coming later.

I am also adding a few stragglers from 2022 which arrived a little late for the last assortment of the 2022 run. If you click here, you will be sent directly to my Matchbox Monday page on their site. I hope you enjoy the article. I did manage to squeeze in a few additional models in my dive back series. Because I try to add in a few as and when I can.

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  1. Some nice models of ugly vehicles there, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder…But I have to say the star of this particular show for me is the road roller. To my eyes it’s a far more appropriate homage to the heritage of the brand than the anniversary models in their rather dull (IMHO) “platinum” grey. Didn’t spot the “L E Smith..” until you pointed it out though. Was wondering if there was any scope for similar liveries, how about the backhoe in all-over yellow as a reflection of the 24a and b Weatherill excavator, and I guess it’s inevitable that the D-type Jag will appear in dark green so give it a number.41. Can think of others too.
    On a different tack, has anyone seen the Citroen AMI or the Lime green McLaren in the UK? They seem to have fallen through the net, though distribution is so strange at the moment almost anything could turn up.

    1. I’m not sure about the McLaren but the Ami has turned up. Case B, C and D are all appearing at various retailers now.

      1. Thanks for the info, I’ll keep looking. Also still looking for others that should have been in 2022 case F. About half of the Morrisons and B&Ms in my area seem to have Matchbox now, including some more 2022 case B at B&M; not sure if this is widespread or just the result of someone finding an old case somewhere. Probably not of much interest to those reading this but might be good for those who’ve re-discovered Matchbox after living in a Tesco-free zone

      2. Unfortunately Case F was the last of the largely self contained batches with little crossovers which means sadly most of the goodies from that batch won’t show up in the UK. Although I have found the brand new Case D at two B&M stores I’m now seeing tons and tons of the 2022 Case B now appearing too.
        A good mix at the time but alas one which Tesco stocked for ages so I can’t imagine many people missed out. It could take them some time to clear this stock!

  2. This is the first mix (wave) of 2023 right ? I’m asking because there is slight confusion there to say the least, like people on yt showing stuff, some of them state it’s 2 mix LOL btw Entertainment Earth does that too, that’s why i’m talking about confusion, anyway this mix is totally skippable, it’s a meh mix, however i like Nissan Hardbody but this model is recurring in mix 2 which is so much better mix.

    1. Definitely some confusion as even Matchbox state the next assortment is Mix 4 whereas I put it at mix 5.

    1. Sorry, there was no article this week. I am struggling to find the time to prepare them. This may start becoming a 2-week report schedule. I am still working things out.

      1. Sir David Tilley, You know what they say : “Good things comes to those who wait”. It’s always worth to wait for your articles,thanks.

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