Matchbox Monday makes a big move on Moving Parts

This week, I am in catch-up mode again. Batch E of Moving Parts for 2022 was out quite a while ago. I never got around to showcasing it, as I kept working on other items.

So I have doubled it up and added batch F in as well for a bigger read. As we know, these are now published on the Wheel Collectors site. You can click here to go directly to the Matchbox Monday page, where I post all my articles. I hope you enjoy it. So many cool new castings. I couldn’t ignore it all. I went a little long, though, so there is technically no dive back at the end. But if you were to read it, you would sort of find one in the middle.

5 Replies to “Matchbox Monday makes a big move on Moving Parts”

  1. Lovely, but sadly most of the stuff didn’t show up at the stores here in Poland. No 2023 stuff here either. In my opinion 2023 is far worse. Matchbox hunting harder more than ever, probably supply chain failed, or current owner of Matchbox don’t care that much, probably both reasons at the same time. anyway Matchbox hunting takes on a new level. You’re doing great job with Matchbox posts keep’em comin’ 🙂

    1. I am glad you like the posts. Sad to hear Poland is struggling at the moment. I hope he Polish arm of Mattel does something about it. Especially with this year being a big one.

      1. Thank You Sir David, btw while visit at my sister’s , i saw on tv Matchbox Moving Parts advert, this gives me a glimmer of hope, things will change for the better. This is the same advert they show elsewere, just with polish lector promoting it.

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