Quick Look: A Collector Favorite Re-Imagined (Part 2): Hot Wheels HWC ’57 Chevy (Series 5)

Debuting at the absolute end of the Flying Colors redline era, Larry Wood’s original 1957 Chevy casting was seemingly an instant hit. As the years passed, the casting became an absolute collector favorite, with several collectors aiming to obtain every version. Yes, even the insanely expensive Bloomingdale’s release (yes, this was a thing… and I’ve seen collections that have a few of those sets). The casting definitely has some unique dimensions, giving it a true “Hot Wheels” feel. Come 2006 (well, 2004-2005 more likely for planning), it was time for this favorite to receive the upscale HWC treatment, completely with an opening hood. I believe this also ended up the first release of the casting to have the window and interior as separate pieces, something that followed with the 2006 Classsics S3 releases of the casting, and all subsequent releases.

Just like the Hot Bird last week, we HWC members wanted another release, and just like that Hot Bird, this first version hanging out in the shop hindered any change of it returning. And also like the Hot Bird, this ’57 Chevy did get a chance in a few RLC sElections votes, and also lost. Unlike the Hot Bird, however, this one never saw a retail release. This ended up being the lone release of this opening hood ’57 Chevy tool, and considering the time that has passed and all the factory changes over the years, we’re not likely to get it again.

As an side, with the debut of the ’57 Chevy Bel Air casting in 2005, I thought this 1977 design wouldn’t see much use beyond some nostalgic releases, but it’s had a fruitful life over the last 15+ years, most recently being done in 2022.

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