Matchbox Monday looks at the first batch of 2023 5-packs

This week, over on the Wheel Collectors website, I am making a start on 2023 content. This does not mean that I am done with 2022. Far from it. I still have quite a lot of items to run through. But when I saw the first batch of 5-packs, I just knew I wanted to talk about them. And talk I did. As you will likely know. I also added a little fun to my report, by scoring the models, and seeing which pack I liked the most. If people like the scoring part, I can look at doing it again when I think it works well. Anyway, if you click here, you will head to the Wheel Collectors blog page. Enjoy.

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  1. Just to hijack the comments section if I may. B&M Bargains are now stocking Matchbox singles and for a very reasonable £1.79 each. Brand spanking 2023 Case D too which has the new Nissan Sentra etc….

    1. 😳?!😁👍…… Wow!…Matchbox is on a flow with distribution. Great news. Good prices too. Still nothing in my local Morrison’s and hope they will stock soon. Thanks Mr Tetlow.
      My local Home bargains are still putting out those garage sets… I’m hoping more from them?!…. They would be a great retail outlet for Matchbox imho. Good news.👍

      1. Yes it all seems to be happening at once and going forward I imagine B&M Bargains will be the best retailer for finding new Matchbox singles. Just a shame nobody has yet begun to stock Moving Parts and Collectors series. Definitely a big demand for them.

    1. Thanks Dave, yeah they got those in before Christmas and were just a one off allocation which have pretty much sold out now. 2020 and 2021 ranges which look to have been sourced from China. Would be nice to have retailers stocking new batches of Moving Parts on a permanent basis.

  2. Are there actually Matchbox stocked in B&M, I’ve visited several to no avail, likewise Morrisons seem to be inconsistent with where they are stocked. I can see they are sold in The Entertainer but they are expensive.

    1. Yes for definite as I bought several yesterday from my bigger Huddersfield branch. My other 2 in the same town haven’t as yet so could be a few weeks before they fully hit. Ironically none of my Morrisons carry any MBX singles despite them being a West Yorkshire based supermarket.

    1. Give it time for them to be distributed, I suspect B&M in particular will be a good source going forward. I’m on Instagram and people in various parts of the UK are finding them there. Some on the HW pegs and some on clipstrips dotted in the toy aisles 😀

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