Matchbox Monday finishes 2022 batch F

It is time for me to start closing 2022 off. This is the final basic range release of 2022 (well, second half, as I already did one half). As usual, this is being put up on the Wheel Collectors blog page, and [most of] the batch was supplied by them to me. Thanks guys. You can click here to go to the Wheel Collectors blog page if you haven’t bookmarked it already. I hope you enjoy my musings.

2 Replies to “Matchbox Monday finishes 2022 batch F”

  1. I could care less about this F wave, it finally showed up at the stores in the early January of 2023, can you imagine the delay ? On the other hand E wave never showed up at the stores, or just was i unlucky to not find them ?

  2. We seem to have the opposite in the UK. Tesco re-stocked earlier this year with 2022 case E but with 2023 case B now showing up in the newly appointed stockists (and a report of case C appearing…) it looks likely they’ll skip not only 2022 case F but also ’23 case A. So the cunning plan of having carry-overs to help avoid missing models won’t have worked. I suppose it’s possible Tesco may get something different but I’m guessing all the stockists are being supplied from the same Mattel facility. Shame, there are some really nice models there

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