Matchbox Monday has a second stab at Jurassic Dominion this week, moving forward, I will be publishing my Matchbox Monday articles on the Wheel Collectors blog. It is an agreement that we have made with them. Of course, I will still be reminding everybody of what I am doing here each Monday. This week, my article will be looking at the second batch of the Jurassic World: Dominion series. However, it was going to be way too time-consuming for me to try and duplicate the whole article on both blogs. I tried it last week, and copy/pasting took me 2 hours. And this report is even longer. Yikes! I mean, I hope you enjoy the read. So you will find the report posted on Wheel Collectors, and you can click the link here to go to it. I hope you are all happy to divert over there for the article. You will see a few items from me here too. You haven’t lost me. But the Monday reports will be lining up over at Wheel Collectors now.

Jeepers! It is a lot of fun.

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