Matchbox Mini Moment – Leipzig Auction C

A little bit later than originally planned, the Leipzig Auction C lots are finally ready and the auction is now live. Due to the delay, Dirk Schleuer has decided that the auction will last a little longer than 1 week, and will be closing at 2pm on Saturday October 15th. That is 2pm Central European time (GMT+2), not 2pm in whatever your time zone is. So please remember if you would like to bid (as I have said, anybody can bid, Dirk has these open to anybody in the world that would like to take part), make sure you know the difference between your time zone and GMT+2 German time. It will all finish before we have to factor in any clock changes, as those are either the last Sunday in October or first in November (depending on the country that observes this phenomenon).

A slightly updated list of what the auctions are about, and Dirk’s email address for submitting your bids to.

And a reminder of the rules that are set out for it. Now this time, with many thanks to Mattel for sending over many of these items, there are a total of 20 lots in this auction C. So let’s got on with them.

Lot C01 is the rarest of the 4 MB1298 ’75 Opel Kadett C Coupe GT-E models that Dirk had commissioned for the event. As stated, there are only 25 of these pink ones, and one was sold in Auction A. You have another chance to bid on the rarest one.

I am just re-hashing my 3 photos from the blog report uploaded on Monday. Gives you a great shot (or 3) of this lovely model.

Lot C02 is an FEP of the MB947 Porsche 911GT3 that is the upcoming super chase in the final batch of the 2022 basic range.

Along with close-ups of the pictures from Dirk.

Lot C03 is an FEP sample of the MB1038 ’90 VW Golf Country, in its original green 2017 MB4 debut.

Again, close-ups courtesy of Dirk.

Lot C04 is another FEP, this one courtesy of the Michael Heralda “Adlar58 Design”, along with the box that Michael had made for some of his FEPs. This is the MB752 Mazda 2, and the FEP is from its second year in the basic range as MB27.

More close-ups.

Lot C05 is the awesome 2022 Collectors issue of the MB1267 ’64 Chevy C10 Longbed, again in FEP form.

More close-up shots. You know the drill.

Lot C06 is your chance to obtain a very rare 2021 Toy Fair issue of the MB1243 MBX Field Car, which was planned for the Toy Fair in late 2020 but due to Covid the fair was cancelled. These are not easy to find.

Still packaged up in the original box.

Lot C07 is your chance to be among the first to own the first 2023 Super Chase. The MB1234 ’32 Ford will be a part of the first batch of the 2023 basic range, but will be randomly found. Do you want to take a chance, or do you want to ensure you get one? Now is your chance.

Lot C08 is a slightly different lot. This is a piece of paraphernalia. Well 2 actually. What you will get is a 1 of 1 plate with the Leipzig logo on it. This is A4 size (210x297mm). Alongside this you will also get a Team Kadett t-shirt, which is a ladies medium if you were wondering. There were 25 made for the event.

Close up of the t-shirt and the logo on it.

Close up of the sign and a side shot showing how thick it is. It is not just a poster. So it cannot be rolled up.

Lot C09 is an FEP of the SB82 MBX Pusher Prop from 2022, on the full blistercard with mat included.

A couple of close-ups again.

Lot C10 is an FEP sample of the MB1072 MAN TGS 18.440 Dump Truck. This is the FEP for the 2018 debut issue of the model.

Along with the close-ups once more.

Lot C11 is an FEP sample of the MB1152 ’80 Porsche 911 turbo in its 2020 Superfast look.

Again with the close-ups.

Lot C12 is a pre-production sample of the MB1195 ’15 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This is in plain red with a blue unriveted base and a made in [blank] write-up.

It comes with a bonus of a free elastic band to hold it together.

Lot C13 is an FEP sample of the recent new MB1291 ’66 Dodge Charger casting which arrived in batch D this year of the basic range.

Charging along with more close-ups again. I am starting to get punny now aren’t I.

Lot C14 is an FEP sample of the upcoming MB813 Express Delivery in FedEx design, that is on a 2023 long blistercard.

Delivering more close-ups. I am getting worse.

Lot C15 is an FEP sample of the 2022 Collectors release of the MB1268 ’72 VW Beetle Custom in yellow “Mooneyes” livery.

I didn’t custom make these lines you know. Close-ups!

Lot C16 is the 2022 Toy Fair issue of the MB1227 ’20 Honda E. Just as was the case with the MBX Field Car (in an earlier auction), the 2022 Toy Fair was cancelled due to Covid again, and these are extremely hard to obtain.

Well it is only fair I show the close-ups again.

Lot C17 is an FEP sample of the MB1330 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S that recently debuted in the Moving Parts series.

Somebody call 911, shawty fire burning on the dance floor. Whoa!

Okay I am just singing Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning” song now. That was the close ups for this one.

Lot C18. As noted, Dirk pointed out that this model was sold out on the Saturday of the Modell-Hobby-Spiel. It was extremely popular. Only 300 made of the show MB1298 Kadett, but he kept one back for the auction here. A final chance for somebody to grab one of the yellow issues.

Again, for lot C19, the 1 of 125 convention models in orange is being offered here as a bonus for somebody.

And finally, Lot C20 is the green best buddy model. These Kadetts have proven to be extremely popular, and this is possible only chance to try and obtain any (if not all) of them. Honestly, they are worth it. They look amazing.

That is it, the list of all 20 auctions. As stated, these will all be available to bid on until Saturday October 15th at 2pm German time (GMT+2). So a little over a week. Good luck.

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