PARA64 Takes the Slanted Hilux Road with Upcoming Releases

PARA64 is continuing to ride the building wave of their licensed models’ success by previewing two more bangers – the RUF BTR Slantnose and the Toyota Hilux. Keep in mind that the castings you see here are the first shots. Improvements will be made prior to them being released in the wild.

I’ve waxed poetic about PARA64’s CTR “Yellowbird” on multiple occasions, and it secured the crown from last year’s Lamley 64-Car Royal Rumble. The subsequent bites at the RUF apple included the CTR2 Sport and the recently released CTR3 Clubsport. Next in line is the BTR with the period pleasing Slantnose conversion. Similar to the recent MR2, the RUF will have the future option of lights up.

While it’s tough to nail down exactly how many W09 BTRs were produced, it’s safe to say that one with a slantnose is the rarest of an already rare ride. With PARA64’s penchant for factory accuracy, you can bet on a bevy of authentic colors to fill the RUF sized hole in both your collection, and wallet. Look for the BTR to break cover shortly after the New Year’s ball drops (shipping January 2023).

The Toyota Hilux is a staple of strength reinforced through its global exploits. One’s also survived an entire season of the Top Gear hosts trying (and failing) to render it inoperable. PARA64 has recreated the fourth (or fifth generation, depending on the source) here in single cab, long bed configuration. It’s a four-wheel-drive version, lifted up with some meaty off-road and [thankfully] treaded tires. In reviewing the casting with a scrutineer’s eye, I didn’t really find much to be awash about. It’s going to look great paired with the previously released Land Cruiser 76 when it arrives early in the new year (shipping January 2023).

As always, thanks to Adrian for allowing us to coordinate these announcements. Your comments and critiques are welcomed. Please use the comments or any of the social media channels to share your opinions, provide complimentary emojis or air your grievances.

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  1. The Slant Nose looks great and I look forward to the variations. The other Para Ruf models are fantastic and this one will likely be as well. I hope they eventually branch out to other Porsche models besides the Ruf.

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