Why it is cool to complete your Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth collection

Once again, Inno64 is hitting the market with an absolute gem with this new version of the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. The Inno64 Sierra is a model I have reviewed a lot, but I truly think that this model is like a good wine : it gets better and better through years! If you follow me a little on Lamleygroup, you might have noticed that the previous racing version of the Sierra Cosworth in yellow “Benson&Hedges” was a total blast. In between, we had a black street version that couldn’t beat it. Now, we have arguably the best racing version so far : the WTCC 1987 24h of Spa in Batibouw livery.

This car was driven by Alain Semoulin, Jésus Pareja and Thierry Tassin. It finished 6th, which is an honorable position. Batibouw is a big fair in Belgium about construction. I don’t know why their logo is a turtle in bricks, but it’s fun to see. It is also very cool to spot all the Belgium sponsors here and there on the car, such as RTBF (media) or Le soir.

The realism of the model is really good, and I think that the Dunlop inscriptions on the tires help a lot. The white interior is also a plus to see all the details Inno64 brings in (grey seat, roll cage …). The black lines on the windows are also very neat, and bring more realism. The decorations are also perfectly right. You can find this model on eBay reasonably priced.

I cannot say much more about this Sierra from Spa, that is a very good miniature. It brings a lot of memories and what could be more late 80’s than a good old Ford Sierra ? I’m still overwhelmed that a brand like Inno64 did tool such a casting and I’m very pleased with such a good execution. Will the future releases be as good ? I think so and my little finger tells me that some rally versions could come. Or maybe a new Ford tooling ?

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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