New casting alert : Toyota Corona Exiv JTCC 1995, by Inno64

It has been a while, and believe me holidays were not as relaxing as expected – little girl and many night wake-ups later make a Willdiecast more than tired, and late about his Inno64 news. It’s time to catch up, and here are two new models that are, believe me, hugely better than expected. More details now.

The Toyota Corona Exiv (such a good name you notice, specially in 2020’s) is a sedan car from the mid 90’s and must not be confused with others Toyota models such as the Mark II, Cresta and specially the Chaser. Exiv stands for EXtra impressIVe and is finally a luxury version of the Corona. The car ended up in the JTCC championship and got the so exciting treatment of those touring cars from the 90’s : low, low and low, cambered wheels, spoiler and almost nothing more, aesthetically.

I know that some guys in the Inno team are totally nuts about the JTCC series. That’s a good news, so do I! To be precise, I’m not particularly into the JTCC series, but the whole Touring Car mania. I’ve already written here that any 90’s kid like me must have loved touring cars. That’s why I am hugely happy to see more touring cars coming to Inno64 and less Pandem/LB/Drift things. You can find this Corona Exiv JTCC on eBay around 20$.

That being said I was absolutely not convinced when I saw the first photos from Inno64’s announcements of social medias. I mean absolutely NOT. Many months elapsed and the Exiv came in a box from Macau (actually, two Exiv). I was very curious, but did not expect much about this car. And, holy cow, they got me. The car is nuts. So what appeared so wrong on the pictures from the brand that did not come to life ? I’m still not 100% positive, but the pictures of the BP/Zippo version did not do justice to the car. Appearing big pillar, strange chrome treatment and black wheels … the car seemed bulbous. Anyway, I wasn’t convinced but in hand, it’s another story.

So low, so beautifull. This STP Advan version will surely be a hit among collectors.

First, the pillar has nothing to worry about (it could be thinner but it’s really OK). Second, the wheels are very detailed. Third, the chrome is also OK, and doesn’t contrast very well on the yellow of the car (like in 1:1 actually!). Pillar, spoiler and chrome could be even thinner, but overall it works. The pillar between the side windows could be, for once, thicker.

In the end, the wheels are very good. Photos did not do justice.
You can appreciate the work on the mold.
Left : new Corona Exiv. Right : Honda Accord

The real cars are looking at this (from :

Other than that, the car is a total blast. The usual details are obviously here, all you can expect from a racing car from a premium 1/64 brand sold at a bargain price.What else could I say ? Make yourself an idea, if you’re into vintage racing cars, and I promise you will not regret it. Of course, the car doesn’t roll, and thank god. It gives us the low look a touring car MUST have. Congrats Inno for this one, and I hope to see more variations soon.

Here are some other cars that raced in 1995 JTCC.

I’m pleading for a Vectra, and would adore a Mondeo. Many European versions possible … We already have the toolings of the Ferio, Primera and Civic Ferio. It’s a good start, isn’t it ?

A small fraction of the touring car family!
I love when decorations are shared into the collection.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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