Takata and Castrol NSX V2 Rocket Bunny by Inno64

As promised, here are the two NSX Rocket Bunny V2 Aero in Takata Dome and Castrol concept liveries. Both came in the news of last month and complete the NSX Rocket Bunny collection.

You know my point of view about kit cars like that, but I must admit that the liveries are very interesting, paying homage to the legendary NSX RGT from the 90’s Japanese GT. I would dream of Inno64 handling those official big GT (made, for most of them, by Kyosho Beads in the period) but for the moment, collectors have the possibility to add two “homage cars” to their collection.

Takata is a famous Japanese automotive parts seller (Takata well known seat belts) with a color combination of lemon green and yellow. The colors instantly match, and the Takata is surely my favorite of the two. You can spot that the car is wrapped with a seat belt, such as the aluminum base.

The Castrol version is also treated with care, with red stripes matching the car and the base. Both cars are super low, are not rollers and must be considered as pure display cars. I love them, even if they don’t quite match my collection theme of Inno models. Once again, a very beautiful execution can make you love a model. That’s what I hope to translate while making those articles.

You can find those Inno64 on eBay here.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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