The 10 Most Significant Models of the Lamley Era: 2016 Matchbox Ford Raptor “Lamley’s Leaks Tire Service”

When I went about picking the 10 models for this list, there were two that were no-brainers: the model I will be featuring tomorrow, and this one. This one seemed obvious, I mean Matchbox put a reference to Lamley on an actual mainline release. How cool is that?

It’s super cool. Of course it is. Who wouldn’t go crazy to have a reference to them on a toy car? Let along an entire model? This HAS to be significant.

But then I started putting together the list. For the remaining 8 slots, I kept my brain wide open for ideas. I didn’t start with models. I started with stories, and significant moments in developing Lamley. The models came pretty easily after that. And I loved the stories associated with them.

And there were plenty others I considered for this list that were just on the outside. But they all had great stories. For example, the Mad Manga, that early on I called Model of the Year and celebrated how it introduced many collectors to a whole side of car culture they had never seen before. It also started the false “Lamley only hypes JDM” label that followed me around for awhile.

I thought about the YOT Datsun 510, the holy grail that I never talked about until I finally found one. Or the Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz 190E, a model that quickly ascended to the top of my favorites list. Or the Tarmac Works X Lamley C63, a collab I’ve loved doing. Or even models that I have constantly professed my love for, even if they seem to fall outside of what I normally go bonkers for, like the HW Ford Gran Torino Sport and Greenwood Corvette.

But I like the list where it is. Each model chosen represents something significant, hence the title of the list.

But this Lamley Raptor really doesn’t need me to tell a story. Matchbox made a special livery to shout out Lamley, and put it on this Raptor. Later they put the same livery on a 9-pack exclusive GMC Wrecker. It’s a trip for sure, but it is hard to write about, other than just to say it was a trip.

Gerry Cody, who ran the Matchbox brand at the time, approached me about it. Gerry is known for his fearless approach to everything he does – including driving, a story for another time – and it got in his head that there needed to be a Lamley model. He asked, and what was I supposed to say? No? Of course I said yes.

I told him to come up with the idea, and this Tire Service idea was born. And yes, that’s me on the door, with the thinning hair and aviators.

That is the extent of story, and this is more about mentioning how cool this was for Mattel and Matchbox to do. So I am showing it. Obviously, it is a major highlight, and yes, significant. If anything it helps substantiate to those not in the hobby how cool what I do really is. Who doesn’t think its cool to have your name on a car you can find at any store?

So here it is, the 9th of 10 Significant Models the Lamley Era. I’ll drop the 10th tomorrow.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I think I prefer the second Lamley Leaks model. The GMC Wrecker. And it has nothing to do with the Call D Tilley bit on the side….

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