PARA64’s June Release Features Two Mid-Engined Machines

Ruf and Toyota are tag-teaming PARA64’s June release schedule, with the CTR3 Clubsport and AW11 MR2 respectively. 

The CTR3 has yet to be represented in 1:64 scale and will complement the two 911-based Rufs already in circulation nicely. 

The AW11 MR2 will be a great way to put an accurate and affordable 1st-gen Mister Two in collectors’ scaled garages throughout the world. 

For those that have never heard of the CTR3 before, it’s Ruf’s first attempt at producing their own model from nearly the ground up. The body design, while similar to a Cayman, is all their own, and the unique chassis was co-developed with Multimatic, who was a build partner with Ford for the new GT. In its first release, PARA64 is going with the Clubsport designation, adding the wing out back and subtle flares on the wheel arches. Painted in silver and Guards Red, the CTR3 will no doubt be a welcome addition to any collector’s roster. As in the CTR2, the spokes look a little pudgier than their real-life counterpart, but Adrian assured me they were to scale. Additionally, he shared the front and back tires were made specifically for it, leading me to believe they’ll be staggered appropriately. This is going to be awesome. I hope they recolor it in  the beautiful Oak Green that was sold in 2018 at RM’s Monaco sale for a cool 1.1 million Euros.

The AW11 MR2 is an icon in and of itself. While it’s been scaled down before, most recently as a Matchbox, there remained a void for a premium model. Until now. Or June, rather. First thing you’re going to notice is that PARA64 elected for a plastic canopy for the MR2’s roof section. When I asked Adrian about this, he said it was the best way to properly reproduce the thin, delicate A-pillars and the intricate curve of the C-pillars. It also gives them easier access to offer future t-tops. The initial configuration will feature a sunroof. Furthermore, the front lights will have the option of being tooled either the up or down, with body-color paint blending the lights in regardless of their position. It will be fun to compare MR2s to really drive home the value of both the PARA64 piece and the dollar pocket car. The first two color ways will be classics – Super Red and Super White. Don’t discount a two-tone option in a subsequent release. 

I’ve been a cheerleader for the PARA64 brand ever since I first showcased their 3000GT/GTO back in April 2020. It seems so long ago. I am really stoked on the path PARA64 has taken since then and look forward to their continued success by selecting models that haven’t had their time in the spotlight yet.

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  1. I am amazed it’s taken this long to get a proper 1/64 scale AW11, plenty of much more obscure Japanese cars have been done but this has been weirdly neglected.

    1. Ya! I’m looking forward to PARA64 doing their thing with this. They did a great 3000GT and Galant, and their Land Cruiser was a chart topper, so I’m expecting good things from this. Cheers.

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