When Inno64 goes Spoon : 3 new racing cars from the brand.

Let’s continue our tour of the novelties from Inno64 with 3 more models. This time, I have chosen to feature a group of racing / tuned cars. Another NSX Rocket Bunny V2 Aero is coming in, another but nonetheless very well done GT-R R32 JTCC 1992 and a surprising Honda City Turbo II Spoon Sports custom livery !

Let’s start with what I consider the less exciting news with this white NSX NA V2 AERO Rocket Bunny. If you follow me for a while, you know I’m not keen on tuned car and LB / Rocket Bunny / Pandem world. But I like when a car is well executed, or when the paint really brings something to my collection. For this one, it’s another NSX V2 AERO in white, that Rocket Bunny collectors will be happy to have. For me, it doesn’t have much signification.

The car is neat, carbon effects look good, stance is perfect. Next one.

The second car of this presentation is another iteration of the famous Nissan GT-R R32 from JTCC 1992 in Team Taisan livery. I will not make a full presentation again of this famous casting, but I like the fact that Inno64 still brings from time to time some racing liveries to complete the history of this very successful touring car. The Taisan livery is, according to me, preferable to Advan livery in term of look, but it’s just me.

I really love this one, matching well with the black base. Let’s hope to see the Kenji car soon for our UK resident Alex. I’m sure it will come !

You can find Inno64 models easily on eBay via this link.

Finally, let’s have some fun with the Honda City Turbo II “Spoon Sports” custom livery. A car that seems to exist, according to Google images. I wasn’t excepting too much of this livery, because Spoon liveries ain’t my cup of tea, and I love the street versions of the Turbo II already out.

But I must admit that while doing the photo shooting, this livery on this car grew on me. This is what I like with the hobby, and what I’m not comfortable to do very often : to get off the beaten track. I confess, I’m not a big adventurer and sadly I think I miss cool diecast or liveries because of my “too classical view” of the automotive history. And by the way this is what I like to do by featuring for you what Inno64 is sending me. This Spoon City Turbo II is probably something I would not have bought, but this is something I might have regretted. Via my mission, I hope to make you discover this model, and like it.

What we can say is that the brand spare no effort when creating a model. Again, the amount of details for such a little car like that is amazing. At first sight, you can observe that this model gets an additional rear spoiler on the roof and another extension of the rear trunk. Rear seats buzzed off and let place to a roll cage and 2 red bottles (what is it ? nitro ?). The seats are racing type, and the rims are new (with no brake disks for once, but I think it’s the way it is on this car).

Of course it gets the opening rear …
… and front hood.

The motocompo has also been treated in Spoon livery, which is fun. This #95 Spoon Turbo II is definitely a fun thing. Now, the brand must bring some (real) racing versions of this car with exaggerated jdm body kits, in a Mugen one make race style. Can’t wait !

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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