A very nice batch of news from Inno64 ! Celica, City, R34 and Ferio !

It has been a while since my last post of news from my beloved Inno64’s brand. It has been quite calm with the Chinese new Year, like many manufacturers, but here it goes again. I will feature today a first batch of street cars just released recently : Toyota Celica 1600 GT in yellow street version, another stunning color for the Nissan GT-R R34 in blue, a Honda Civic Ferio in JDM mod version in yellow and finally a recolor for the Honda City Turbo II.

The Toyota Celica 1600 GT made it’s debut in the Macau Special series last year, and many collectors were waiting for the street and stock version. To be completely honest, the model is not that photogenic, but is really nice in person. The light yellow is hard to catch in camera. That being said, this little replica of a vintage JDM car is really good, and you have very fine details that you don’t find in Tomica Limited Vintage : fine and detailed exhaust, tail lights and rear lights super detailed, photo etched GT logo on the front grill, wipers and MIRRORS !!! What could be more JDM than those mirrors on the front hood ? (and why ultra expansive other brands like TLV don’t put them … ?)

I love that the brand used a white base. The shocks have been a bit improved, as you can see on my photo below :

That being said, the shocks system is more useful on this street version, the car being less low. It is a roller and gets a metal chassis.

All in all, Inno64’s adventure into nostalgic JDM is a first shot, but a nice shot.

The second model featured today is a recolor of the already presented Nissan GT-R R34 Nismo R-Tune in bayside blue. And what a blue. I would have loved a transparent base on this one, but black is ok. This is the 4th color of the R34, and I wonder what the next one will be ? Inno64 is setting the bar high with this one, for our biggest pleasure. I’m totally in for a nice row of R34 of this quality.

Let me show you too another recolor of the rather discreet Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS in JDM Mod Version in Phoenix yellow. I absolutely love it, and it is for me the best version so far, without any doubt. The yellow paint is thick, the white rims perfectly match the sporty look of the car, the black around the glasses is perfectly applied. It’s a really nicely done minicar that get s a metal chassis and rolls.

You can find Inno64 models easily on eBay !

I also like the 2 yellow seats. The black base is for once a really appreciable.

Finally, let’s have a look at the third color of the tiny but so cute Honda City Turbo II in blue with Motocompo (in white). This tiny bulldog might be the most wise of the series, in a discreet blue with 80’s touches of yellow and red. The hubcaps are nice and I almost forgot while shooting it that there were opening parts ! The opening parts are so well embedded that I almost forget them. Isn’t it the best way of doing a minicar with opening parts ? For me, it is, being not a big fan of openings.

The color is very deep, and very well applied. The interior is very treated with care too. The Motocompo is for the first time in white, and is a necessary accessories for this car. Next time, I shall feature the Spoon version for you.

All in all, those 4 new models and recolors are pure joy, as usual. The amount of details and precision you can get with a Inno64 car is amazing. I hope it will last for a long time. I also hope to see more new toolings and more European cars from the brand, but my little finger tells me it might happen pretty soon. Stay tuned for more Inno64 reviews !


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