Some new Inno64 models for early 2022 : Honda Civic, Lancer Wagon and Hakotora Falken !

I’m a bit late, sorry! Lots of things to do in my real life, lot of work (that’s a good sign when you work in real estate), and lot of care for the turning 1 year old little girl … That being said as an introduction, let’s have a quick look at 4 new models – I should say new colors – by Inno64.

My beloved Macau brand gave me a nice bunch of new models to review in January, and it was predictable that it would be more quiet with the Chinese New Year coming in February. No worries, many news are coming soon with an exciting program to come. For now, I have 4 cars to show to you, and let’s start with the Spoon Honda Civic EK9.

This mold is new to the brand, and must be seen as a necessary casting to do for any Asian brand. Many manufacturers have it at their catalog, and so Inno64. I am honestly not transcended by the casting. In fact, as a European collector, I’m starting to feel the Honda Civic overload coming. I like this car and the history beyond, but I do think I have enough.
But let’s be positive too : the casting is nice and fine, as you can expect with Inno64. It rolls and gets a metal chassis. The Spoon livery is simple and efficient. I’m sure this car will please many Spoon and Civic collectors.

The second car in the show today is the Nissan Sunny Hakotora Falken tires pick up truck. I think this is a concept imagined by Inno64, and the results is fine. I know that Falken liveries please a lot of collectors, so don’t hesitate to get one for your collection! You’ll have an extra tires set, that I put in the rear for the photos. I don’t feel like to swap them, because I like the truck with those silver wheels it comes with. I have the feeling that the brand improved the front headlights treatment too. Good job.

Finally, let’s have a look at a pair of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon, in both Advan liveries. Again, I am sure that many JDM collectors will appreciate this emblematic Advan livery in black and red. Both versions look similar but are very different. One is a race car concept livery, while the other gets all the seats you need to bring your family with kids in holidays, in style and quickly. Oh, and with a stylish roof box too!
Wheels are different, front spoiler are different and rear treatment too. The racing one gets a very nice gold roll cage and racing Recaro seats.

Spoon, Falken and Advan liveries, make your choice ! Or buy them all ! They are easy to find on eBay.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews !


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  1. You were very polite with the i’m sure many will like them. And not finishing the sentence. I will say it, the fake racing scheme cars are not for me. And yes the Civic is getting close to jumping the shark. There weren’t that many top line ones and most were lower end we just beat/ragged on.

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