The Lamley Group X Dream Customs I-15 Motion XL Desktop Diorama hits the Lamley Store tonight.

Just a heads up, in case you haven’t been inundated on my Instagram account, my first collaboration with Dream Customs, the Limited Edition I-15 Motion XL Desktop Diorama drops at the Lamley Store tonight at 6pm PT. It will simultaneously hit at the Dream Customs store in Singapore as well.

It is my first, I hope it isn’t my last. I became familiar with Dream Customs’ work a few years ago. They basically merged a mousepad with a diorama setup, added supreme high quality, and created a must-have product for diecast collectors. The started with incredible parking lot dioramas, and have since expanded.

But it was when they introduced their Motion Series mats I knew I had to team up with them. The Dream Customs team created different road and highway dioramas but added a blurred effect to create the illusion of movement. Cars placed on the mats look like they are speeding down the road, especially in photographs:

It was a completely new element for displaying diecast, and I was hooked.

Until now, however, all the Motion Series mats were smaller, and of roads and highways in Asia. The Lamley I-15 mat is the first large sized Motion Series mat, and the first replicating an American Highway. Because I live in Utah, I had to pick Interstate 15, which runs from San Diego all the way through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana to Canada. The section I chose is right in the middle of Salt Lake City, and includes carpool lanes and an exit.

So the mat is big, which is great for photographers and diorama makers, but also for gamers. It serves as an excellent mousepad, and its rubber base and stitched edge make it a high quality product that will last forever.

It’s a great product, but to make it that much more collectible, we are doing a limited run – only 250 – 150 which will be available tonight at the Lamley Store. Each is individually numbered as well.

This is the first time these are available in the US, and I am stoked to be part of it. Go grab one, let me know what you think, and let’s hope this is the start of something very cool.

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