Inno64 2022 new models : Honda City Turbo II (with Motocompo!)

Let’s start to highlight the new models from my favorite Asian brand of the market, and why not to start by the very sought after tiny Honda models : the Honda City Turbo II ! This little car is a pure Japanese domestic market product, and was issued in the mid-80’s. It has been built to be small, but with enough space and that is why the car is a bit high. It is known as the Honda Jazz in Europe. The City Turbo II has a turbocharged engine and an aggressive look that makes me smile, and that Inno64 decided to pay homage to.

This tiny car is nicknamed “the Bulldog”, and you perfectly understand why when you see its flared fenders, side-skirts and graphics combined for a much more pugnacious appearance. This little beast had 110 hp !

I remember having a real crush with this car, while playing Gran Turismo number-I-don’t-remember-which, and I ordered back in time a Tomica Limited version, that had smooth suspensions. This car is long gone, sold a while ago, focusing now on real 1/64 scale models, so you can imagine how happy I am to feature the new scaled Inno64 to you today!

Inno64 went all in for this release, and I assume that collectors will be happy. The car features a metal chassis AND is a roller AND gets opening parts. All that in strict scale, strict stance and low price – with a bonus Motocompo. Not bad eh? I told you the brand was listening.

For the start of the model, the brand is offering 2 white versions, with as usual some differences. A blue version is coming very soon, such as a Spoon version and later a police version. I hope to see a grey version, we will see.
One of the two white version gets a red stripe that is very iconic and white wheels. It gets a nice and fine tampo work on the rear glass “Hyper Turbo II”, which is cool.
The other version is sporting a white paint with the Turbo II stripe on the lower corner, and grey wheels in another style. I love both, even if the red stripe one is more sporty and more iconic.

You can find those cute little Honda Turbo II on eBay easily ! Don’t hesitate!

The funniest feature of this car is the tiny Honda Motocompo it carries in the back. It is a little scooter built to fit in the small luggage area. This little scooter was available in red, white and yellow. Inno64 managed to tool this little scooter too, which is cool. I just would have loved a tiny engineering hole or something into the baseplate to hold the Motocompo behind the car for example. Maybe this can be improved later. The scooter is very tiny and fragile, but pretty well detailed. It doesn’t fit in the trunk, because of the handlebar.

The very new feature on the casting are the opening parts, that are treated with all the care you can expect from a brand like Inno64 : it’s precise. It closes very well and you can hardly know there are opening parts. The front is near perfection, while the back is a tad less precise. The engine is nicely detailed, if you like these features, and the trunk is … a trunk. I think its fun to have an opening trunk because of the Motocompo, that is supposed to fit in.
The opening parts can make you appreciate more the details of the interior, that is in 2 tones white and blue. I appreciate that the opening parts are very discreet and you don’t have any big unrealistic hinges. Well done Inno.

I also precise that both cars are sporting sunroofs, which is a nice detail. I warn you about the fragility, specially when you screw or unscrew the car and press on it (…).

All in all, this little Bulldog is a super nice replica, that shows how cool Inno64 is. It’s a pure JDM car that will please many collectors with features that will please many collectors. I’m OK with opening parts if they are discreet like this, even if I’m not really looking for this kind of details. I hope to show you soon the blue version, and I’m curious to see what future this casting will have.

Stay tuned for more Inno64 reviews!


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