Lamley Awards 2021 : what was the BEST Inno64 new model released in 2021 ?

Let’s try something new in this massive 2021 Lamley Awards. Willdiecast speaking. You might have followed my frequent reviews of Inno64 new models through the year, and seen how cool this brand is. A prolific brand held by passionate diecast nerds always looking for making collectors happy, developing new features (suspensions), or materials (metal chassis, new resin line) and listening to collectors (rolling cars).

Fransisco and the team based in Macau trusted me and the Lamleygroup to show to you all those cool models and I thought it was a good idea to highlight the work done in 2021. It’s also a way to express your likes, your way as a collector, your word. In this extent, you have the possibility to vote the BEST new model of 2021 among 11 new models* done (photos are below the poll).

Please don’t hesitate to comment and say why in the comment section. One thing is sure, Inno64 is listening. Good luck and thank you for your support and kind words about those reviews I’m doing. A lot more to come with cool new castings for 2022 !

*Precision : the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth has been released in both street and racing liveries, but counts as one model because it’s the same mold.
The Honda Civic Turbo II you might have seen coming is considered a 2022 model.


All Inno64 models can be found on eBay easily.

2 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2021 : what was the BEST Inno64 new model released in 2021 ?”

  1. It is getting very irritating that all but one of those are “Asian” cars, as much as I like a lot of them, where is the variety, I have stopped collecting and selling a few brands because of this, as a lot of my friends, customers and collectors are getting totally fed up with either the over flow of Asian or US produced cars, what about us in Europe, we spend rather a lot of money on Diecast of all sizes, and just because we are here, should not mean we are not given a more eclectic range of cars, the Sierra is one great start, the HW Escort MK I and II was another, but it seems like other models are modelled by most brands, like Mercedes, McLaren, Porsche, BMW etc, same models from lots of brands….. How about a few more British models, Like older Jaguars, Land Rovers, Rovers, MG’s and so on

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