Have you voted? Here is every Lamley Awards 2021 Poll & Showcase so you can.

This has EASILY been the best Lamley Awards I’ve ever done. It has been a blast to run, and my thanks go out to each and every one of you for participating. The polls have gotten tons of votes, and the introduction of the Instagram Tournaments has been a total success. The total number of votes is somewhere around a million. It’s been so much fun.

I’ll be sharing all the results for both the Hot Wheels and Matchbox Polls, as well as the Instagram Tournaments, on the Lamley YouTube Channel next week, but before I do, you can still get your votes in. The polls are still open, and they are surprisingly close. If you haven’t voted, you certainly should.

To make it easy, all of the polls are below, along with the accompanying YouTube Video and Lamley Photos.

Watch what you haven’t, but make sure you vote:

BEST/WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:

BEST/MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Licensed New Model:

BEST/MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Moving Parts New Model:

BEST/MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Premium New Model:

BEST/MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed Basic New Model:

BEST Hot Wheels RLC Release:

For kicks, the videos showcasing the Instagram Tournament Categories:

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