Quick Look: Hot Wheels Ultra Hots Custom ’56 Ford Pick Up

So it’s been a bit since my last article, just haven’t had much time to really sit down and write. Had a little time on Sunday before the NASCAR Cup series race to write something up, and had these pics ready to go, so here we are!

In 2006, Hot Wheels started a new retail premium line, resurrecting a name from the 1980s and creating a sort of “replacement” for the 100% line, as all releases would have moving parts. There were a number of castings that found their debut in this line, like the Custom VW Beetle, the beloved ’50s Chevy Truck, ’70 Camaro RS, ’56 Mercury, ’64 GTO, ’57 Buick wagon, and this custom Ford truck.

Utilizing a tilt front clip similar to the ’56 Ford Panel that debuted in 1999, this is not your every day work horse truck. Lowered to the point they had to open the floor of the bed and exposing the rear axle. Chopped roof adds to the full custom look. The gray and black one is probably my favorite of the two, especially with those thick white wall deep dish real riders.

Unfortunately, these two releases are the only time the flip front clip tooling was used. The next release after the Ultra Hots line went to the wayside was the 50 states Connect Cars, representing Georgia, with a sealed front clip. The tilt front end wasn’t even used (or updated) for the HWC/RLC Holiday release in 2011. But at least the two times it got used are stunning releases.

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