A quartet of Nissan GT-R R32 by Inno64 : the story of the model getting better and better.

Yes, this casting is getting better and better, like some wines. The more time flies the better the casting is. Inno64 issued a lot of Nissan GT-R R32 since the beginning of the casting, and while some versions were more tuning versions or race cars, street R32 are pretty recent in the catalog. As I have already written, the team managed to correct the size of the wheels and the stance of the vehicle. The last street version in gun metal grey was about perfection, except this dark black base not highlighting the car (I’ve said it, one more time). Now, I think this latter version is beaten but let’s start by the racing version from Bathurst 1000, the police car livery and then the street versions.

It’s an Australia Special Edition, that I don’t know how to get but I assume eBay will help, as far as special editions in Inno64 are most of the time affordable. Is it the best racing livery so far from the brand for this R32 ? Yes, definitely. There were a lot of racing liveries so far but this particular version might take the cake.

It starts with the packaging, red white and blue, and the clear base. So nice. Then the car itself is just too good, with the white wheels, the good stance and all the nice details around it, such as tow hooks, lateral exhaust and detailed interior. The black lines around the windows are super neat, once again there is a lot of precision in the release. The combination of the colors is also really making the car, in an iconic livery that will delight some BRE fans. It’s a lust have, and if you don’t want to have hundreds of variations of the R32, really consider this one.

It could have been a Japan Special Edition, but it’s not. The Kanagawa-Kenkei Japanese Police Car could be the one who will bury your old Kyosho of Car.Nel collection. Tomica Limited Vintage did not go for it, and obviously we know it wouldn’t be so much detailed (and it would be more expansive too…). How come those amazingly highly detailed minicars are at such an affordable price ? I really advice you to consider having some in your collection. You can get some easily on eBay.

The R32 police livery is a model that the brand really wanted to make, in addition to to the Pandem inspired livery, already featured on this blog. It gets all the details that a premium Police car should have : antennas, winglet (?) on the front hood, red light bar and additional red lights on the front. The dark grey rims are also very impressive. This model is not something you will see everyday in Inno64, but it’s definitely a good one.

Let’s talk street now. 2 new versions coming to you, in white and blue with additional wheels and decal sheets to “Nismo” your R32! All this included in the price …

The blue one is amazing. The blue is so deep. The BBS style wheels are almost as detailed as photo-etched pieces, and the size and the stance seems very good. I was itched to “Nismo” one and was about to put a carbon hood on the white one, but I changed my mind and Nismoed my blue one.

I don’t regret it, and the decals are good quality. I don’t like this exercise, but all went good. Front carbon hood, Nismo banner, Nismo plates and round decals on the rear spoiler. I have chosen to let the BBS style wheels on, they are too good. The seats are black, while on the white version they are red. Those nuggets are findable on eBay as usual.

This rather discreet white version is maybe one of the best R32 done by the brand so far, where the gold BBS wheels are just perfect on the white body. The red seats are really making the car. Everything is fine in this model, and that’s what I like. I would tell you if I didn’t like it, but honestly I do. And in this case I accept a black base 🙂

Inno64 announced some weeks ago the R34, that is a very promising model, and I hope we will see many variations as good as this R32.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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