Inno64 new models : Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS and Type-R EK9

They roll! They roll! Man, they roll. And they are new castings. The new Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS in JDM Mod Version is coming in both versions, colorful orange and white with gold rims. Hard to choose ? Have both!

This new mold was, for me, a total surprise, and also a strange choice if I may say so. In fact, it’s a car I don’t know much, but I assume that Honda Civic models are always very popular and collected by Asian collectors (mainly). It is also a logical choice if we consider that a previous Honda Civic Ferio has been done by the brand.

The big novelty here is that the car is metal based, and the car is a roller. Inno64 did hear the wish of many collectors to have cars rolling, and the developers managed to create a very accurate and precise minicar that do roll.

Even the stance is very good for a car that rolls, and I am very pleased that Inno64 takes care about that, because, according to me, it is their DNA.

Inno64’s DNA is also to offer the customer various possibilities with free extra wheels set and decals sheets to customize the car. You can also buy twice the model if you really like it, to keep one stock and have one customized, and still with original Inno64’s “materials”. This is very important to me too. You can find this new model on eBay still easily.

Finally, the brand is also a great specialist of differences between the versions. In this case, between the orange Ferio and the white Ferio, the rear spoiler is different, such as the wheels, the mirrors, the interiors / seats and the things on the front bumper.

Overall, this little Ferio is a very welcome newcomer in the Inno64’s world. I think its fine enough, maybe a little less than the previous Ferio, that was overly low. The white paint on the white one is a tad thick, but in the end I love this version a lot with its gold rims and red seats. Regarding the orange one, that is more a delirium, I am sure it will become an iconic Inno64 model very sought after. Don’t miss it!

Other new model to present : the Honda Civic Type-R EK9 in the JDM Collection No Good Racing black livery. Yes, again an Honda Civic, and yes, again an EK9. This car has been done by almost every modelcar maker on the planet, such as Tomica Limited Vintage, Hobby Japan, Tarmac Works, Hot Wheels, you name it. Yes, it’s true, and I was the first one not to be overwhelmed by this announcement.

So, why this minicar should have any kind of interest if you’re not a very die hard Honda Civic collector ? First, the lines of the EK9 are very well captured, second you should not see such liveries elsewhere, and above all, the car is metal based and is a roller. With a very good stance, and very nice details. See it as a complementary model to your Tomica Limited Vintage EK9 (that is metal based and a roller too).

I was very, very, very impressed by the quality of the wheels that are very fine and in a quite indescribable color between gold and black. Such a result! This EK9 is really a good surprise, don’t sleep on it. Have some here.

Finally, I wanted to also feature this new color of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon in medium Purplish Grey Mica. No doubt for me, this is by far the best looking Lancer Evo IX Wagon from the brand so far. I just love the color, which matches perfectly the black lines of the wagon. I love the wheels too, that don’t need to be swiped, in my opinion.

The car is plastic based, but is a roller anyway! How cool is that ? My only complaint ? The black base. I will say it in every post if I need to, but how LOVELY it is on an iconic transparent base like on this picture :

Fransisco from Inno64 knows how much I love those transparent bases 🙂

See you soon for more Inno64 cool models reviews!


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