Inno64’s rainbow : new Nissan Silvia S13 Pandem colors

Why not to add some Silvia S13 to your collection ? The brand has recently released two more colors to add to the S13 rainbow : yellow (I mean flashing yellow !) and blue.

My preference is for the yellow, because it looks so much better in real than in photo. Photos don’t always do justice, and in this case please believe me : this yellow will bring sunshine to your collection.

The blue is really thought, it’s just more discreet. The casting used for both cars is the V2 version, which is predominant in the range. The packaging / metal like base is the same as previous versions, and is typical for Pandem products.

As always, the details are fantastic, such as the highly detailed wheels.

You can find those models on eBay as usual.

See you soon for more reviews of Inno64 models !


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