Quick Look: Hot Wheels Custom ’62 Chevy Truck, 10 Pack Exclusives

Just a quick article. Set my cheap photo box up and took a bunch of quick pictures randomly when cleaning/organizing, and I know how big these are now, so why not show of something I’ve had since new? #showoff

After having 4 colors for the New Models release in 2008 and the single 2009 release, Hot Wheels tooled the interior and bed piece to be without the surfboard slot for the 2010 10 pack exclusive releases. There’s actually a very rare variation on the green one, with the slot still in the bed. I’m guessing either left over pieces from the 2009 Rebel Rods mainline release. Though I’ve heard of the purple one having that piece as well but haven’t actually seen one.

Green was first, red second and purple last. Plus, this was before the time they started putting other multipack only cars in the packs as well (there was an all-exclusive 10 pack instead at the time), so it was even less incentive for collectors to pick up the packs (for carded/packaged collectors anyway). Looking back I’m actually kind of surprised I picked up all three at the time. It must have been that the packs included the chrome wheeled “Faster Than Ever” releases that I wanted enough to justify $10 per pack.

In the 10-ish years since, I’m not sure what drove this casting to be so hugely popular now, with these 10 pack releases commanding a pretty premium. But it sure is a killer looking truck!

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  1. Did not like that cast when it first came out. It was just too fat and just too low. But it has grown on me. My fav is the TRIX one. I might have one of those 10 pack ones since I was trying to collect FTE’s too. Somebody should show all the editions of that truck. I liked the recent multi-pack flat black and purple flame one, but ended up with one that has crooked tampos on the blind side. With hw’s, that is how it goes pretty often.

  2. Nice group of trucks. I have several releases but none of these. Only multipack exclusive I have all of is the Datsun 620.

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