Spoilers Revival! The 4 New Street Machines From Hot Wheels Since ’68

Starting in 2007 and into 2008, Hot Wheels did a line that was used to celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2008. It consisted of a few segments, the primary one being a “Top 40” where collectors voted on a pre-selected list of castings. Beyond that, there were 3 other segments done: Muscle Cars, Originals and Hot Rods. A few new castings were introduced among these three segments, like the ’64 Corvette, ’64 Dodge 330, ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint and the Purple Passion Woodie. Among the Muscle Cars segment, though, were also 4 new Spoilers castings. Now for those that don’t know, “Spoilers” are castings based on normal cars (typically muscle cars) but with exaggerated custom features like the exposed engines and such. See one of my last articles about the “Fat Elvis” spoilers to get what I’m getting at.

Large and in Charger!

So first up, we have the Large and in Charger, based on the Custom ’69 Dodge Charger that was resurrected for HWC a year or two earlier. Featured here in green, it was actually one that didn’t get the larger rear wheels. A scarcely used casting, only having a couple releases after Since ’68 (one for HWC, one for Hot Ones in 2012).

SS Express!

Next is the SS Express, based on the ’70 Chevelle. This one received a wider rear wheel tract width compared to the normal one, and just gave it a great, mean look. Probably my favorite among the 4 new Spoilers, this casting has as popped up in a few lines since, including Classics, Cool Classics, and even a HWC convention release and RLC rewards car.

Custom Mustang Convertible … why they couldn’t give this one a cool new name is beyond me, hah!

Next is the Custom Mustang Convertible, which was based on the Boss Hoss Custom Mustang that HWC was using at the time. Already done as a Spoilers release (albeit with an interchangeable engine compartment for the Boss Hoss exposed engine or a normal engine bay and opening hood), for Since ’68 they developed this convertible version. Unfortunately, it’s only been used once beyond the Since ’68 line, with a Mustang Mania single release in 2009 (I’ve yet to get that one…).

Thrust the Dust!

Last is the Duster Thruster, the only Spoilers casting that doesn’t have a (mostly) stock version made. Officially called the ’72 Plymouth Duster Thruster, this one must have been a bit of a surprise for collectors at the time. It’s had a nice life since the series, used quite a few times, in HWC and all levels of retail releases.

Among the Since ’68 releases, there were also four 4-car tins released exclusively through HWC that utilized castings from the Muscle Cars, Hot Rods and Originals subsets in different colors to the single release counterparts (same deco designs just different colors). Three of the new Spoilers were chosen for the two Muscle Cars tins, with the Duster being the hold out. The Mustang was recolored in blue with 5sp wheels, the Charger in yellow and the SS in black (this one actually having the tail light details). Those tins sat in the shop for quite a while and I was dumb and never did get them from there… everything’s been obtained separately over the last few years.

And those are the “new age” Spoilers! Here’s hoping we eventually see some more similar new castings in the future. Maybe the AMC Javelin? ’67 Chevelle? Ford Fairlane or Galaxie? Maybe an Olds 442 or GTO? Not sure but once can hope!


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