Lamley Daily: Majorette Porsche 911 Carrera S “Porsche Experience Le Mans”

Model: Majorette Porsche 911 Carrera S

Line: Le Mans Porsche Centre exclusive

(The Porsche Experience car is exclusive to the Le Mans Boutique, but find other versions of the excellent Majorette Porsche 911 on Ebay)

Let me get the ball rolling by saying this is quite an exclusive bit of kit, being limited to the Le Mans Boutique. But if you can get one, get one. This is a stunner.

The Majorette 911 Carrera S is one of the standout diecast of the last few years in my humble opinion, a real benchmark of the progress made by the brand. It was introduced to us via the awesome Premium Deluxe Porsche range, but this version ditches the “Deluxe” and thus the rubber tyres and opening hood. But when it comes down to it, it loses nothing. The strength of this model is in the looks.

The bright yellow shows off just how well proportioned the casting is and the new Porsche Experience deco adds a small but exclusive and very cool twist to the model. The fan style 5 spoke wheels work well here, looking like OEM alloys straight from the Porsche options list. The opening doors and the trademark suspension have also been retained from the Deluxe car.

The headlights are part of the window piece so are moulded in clear plastic which is always a winner, and the decals are sharp and in the right places. You can clearly make out the Porsche badging and “911 CARERRA S” script on the rear for example.

It’s a great casting and one I hope will continue to appear with new decos and colours as time goes on. Majorette are a brand that more people need to take note of, and this Porsche is rolling proof of that. Get one. Get one of the Premium Deluxe cars. Get all of them. You’ll not be disappointed.

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