Must have metal: Matchbox 2021 Ford Bronco

There’s one thing guaranteed: when we do our best of 2021 lists at the end of this year, this Bronco will be on mine. The real version piqued my interest when I saw the first renders, and the Matchbox version had me hooked the moment I saw it on the pegs. Matchbox have nailed it.

The detailing on this one is strong for something that cost me £1.10. It’s got both front and rear headlight decals, the awesome looking “BRONCO” badging across the front and the Ford badge and Bronco logo are clearly visible on the rear.

The off road 6 spoke wheels are some of Matchbox’s coolest and they compliment the Bronco perfectly. And honestly I don’t think I’ve got to write too much about this one, it’s one that can easily let the pictures do all the talking, so that’s exactly what I’ll do….

This thing easily trumps the Hot Wheels Mainline offering for me.

The Matchbox class of 2021 has a stand out pupil already, and we’re only halfway through the year.

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6 Replies to “Must have metal: Matchbox 2021 Ford Bronco”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. This thing trumps the dinky and dis-proportioned Hot Wheels version. I love the detailing on the front fascia the most. I hope this comes in an array of colors such as their Area 51 Blue, Cactus Grey, Cyber Orange, Magnesium Grey, etc. Hopefully this isn’t a one-and-done casting.

  2. I have to agree with Alex and Connor, excellent details and very realistic model unlike HW “toy” cars. Although we do get Matchbox in the UK, there is only one retailer and some cases pass us by, this is something Mattel needs to address, but they only seem concerned with the US markets.

  3. This is one of the most proportionally accurate, superbly detailed and just plain right looking $1 models that Matchbox has made in the last few years.

    And these photos are gorgeous, Alex! They totally sell the model, no words needed!

  4. This is a slam f***ing dunk of a casting! The hunt is well and truly on for this – I’ve been having a rough go of it lately trying to find new MBX, but this one is worth it. Agree with Connor that hopefully they’ll do several factory colors before going nutty with the decos, the casting really deserves it.

  5. I often read reviewers make comments about how great a casting is irrespective of the model it represents and they go on to ponder how any collector in their right mind wouldn’t love it. Now, while I can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into such models, I’m a car fanatic first and a Matchbox/Hot Wheels fan second. I buy scale models of the “cars” I like, not what the current “hot” release is from MBX or HW. We’ll take it from me, a certified anti-SUV car nut, this casting is good! I made a rare exception to my rule and brought home an SUV to my collection. Crazy, huh?

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