Inno64 late May new models part 2 : Nissan Primera Calsonic and Trueno Drift car !

Let the serious business begins : BRING THE NISSAN PRIMERA !!! Ok, ok, I should calm down. But it’s hard! The Nissan Primera Touring Car is such a nice casting, and hugely popular. Let’s have a look at it, such as the discreet but very neat Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Drift Car.

The Nissan Primera P10 Calsonic Racing Team from the Japan Touring Car Championship 1994 (ref IN64-P10-CA12) is the third shot from Inno64 for this casting. As a reminder, I’ve covered in late 2020 the amazing Macau GP Collection (article link here), where the P10 made its debut, in green paint scheme. The second, less appreciated by the collectors, but though super sexy, was the very clever Test version with amazing OZ wheels, in white.

This third version might take the cake. Not only because it is a Calsonic version, but it looks like the execution is getting better and better. I don’t know if the brand managed to improve the stance of the vehicle, or if it is due to the wheels, but the stance is so damn perfect. Like a Touring Car car should look like. Low with the wheels very much retracted in the wheel arches. This is pure joy. Pure joy.

Speaking of stance, I will open the debate again, and try to clarify some point. Yes, the stance is amazing. No, the car doesn’t roll. To me, it’s absolutely not a subject, and I would even say that I prefer that it doesn’t roll because it assures me a low stance. And I display my cars on display, and I don’t care AT ALL to roll them. But, I know and I respect that many collectors love their cars to roll. Understandable. In this case, some collectors won’t appreciate it much. What can I say about it is Inno64 is taking care of every collectors, because I know that the team is thinking of making more cars to roll, which can include more metal chassis by the way. The effort is real and is here. But sometimes, that’s just not possible when you want the car perfectly lowered as the real car is. This is also the philosophy of Inno64 to have amazing replicas of minicars, with fine details and a real precision you might not find elsewhere for the price. This is the case here. There is one for everyone’s taste. Isn’t it cool ? I love the brands like Inno64 that matter about the collectors.

Back to the Calsonic. White roll cage and interior, fire extinguisher, detailed exhaust, tow hooks, brake disks, calipers, separate headlights and tails lights, all the components to have a super nice premium minicar are here. The model is so fine. I just can encourage you to grab one, and appreciate the amount of details the car has for €16-18. You can find some on eBay very easily, don’t hesitate!

I really love it.

Let’s take another direction and have a look at a very discreet but nonetheless very precise Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Drift Car (ref IN64-AE86T-DC). With opened headlights. The AE86 is also a mastered subject from Inno64, and we love to see the casting back in the news from time to time.

With its tiny wheels (but very fine), this drift machine is rather discreet in white, with its touch of green on the hood. The hood is in carbon fiber look, whose results is very satisfying. I don’t have many things to say about is except it’s a nice minicar, that I suggest you to have if you like the AE86. I can’t get over this amazing stance, that is really making the car. The opened headlights is a plus, and gives the car a lovely face. Don’t sleep on that casting, it’s a good one! (eBay link to find some).

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. The AE86 is a replica of “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya’s personal car. The carbon fibre hood is green because that is his favourite colour.

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