Inno64 late May new models part 1 : Pandem and No Good Racing!

This is part 1 of the traditional monthly review of my beloved Macau based manufacturer, Inno64. Various type of news for late May / early June, and I’m sure there is something for everyone.

For this first round, I’ve selected a theme with kit models. We will have a look at :

  • Honda Civic EF9 No Good Racing (IN64-EF9-JDM09)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Pandem / Rocket Bunny Japan Police Livery Drift Car (IN64-R32P-JPDC
  • Nissan Silvia S13 Coca-Cola “Rocket Bunny” V2 (COKE037) HK TINY Exclusive

The Honda Civic EF9 is a masterpiece made by Inno64, and it is not an easy car to tool. It is wide, has some rounded angles and is pretty low. This is the 14th EF9 model of my collection, and I’m sure I’m still missing some. This release is from the JDM collection, a line from the brand for JDM cars.

I’ve already presented what is No Good Racing through older posts, and recently with the No Good Racing police EF9 livery. This time, we head to the Red Bull world, with a very nice and iconic livery. Though quite unexpected, but damn cool. All the details you are expecting are here, from the stickers to the brake disks to the exhaust in the middle of the car. The interior is also treated with care, with a nice white roll cage, and red seats. The only thing that could be done better, imo, are the wheels, that could have a little more depth.

Let’s add this Red Bull piece proudly in my Honda Civic EF9 row!

The second car of our tour is the very well done Pandem R32, in a fantasy but existing Japan police livery. Same refrain as the EF9, the R32 Pandem is a very well executed casting as you might have already read in my previous articles on the blog.

What I truly love on this casting ? The stance! The car sits so low, with a super exact assembly. A great job done by the factory. It’s such a nice display car. As usual for the Pandem cars, the baseplate is in this premium look, in metal grey.

The Japan Police livery is obviously a delirium of the drifters, but why not ? All the codes of the Japan police cars are here, quite simple but really working. The car is neat and super photogenic. Inno64 has already announced a “real” Japan police car with the Nissan Skyline R32, but don’t seat on this version. First, the casting is a masterpiece, second it will make a pair with the standard police car just announced. Stay tuned.

Finally, will you have a drink of Coca Cola ? After a Nissan Sunny Hakotora in a Coca Cola livery some moths ago, in collaboration with Tiny HK, it is now the Nissan Silvia S13 Pandem Rocket Bunny (V2) that supports the famous red and white drink colors. Why not ? Do the car exists ? Not sure. Can it exists ? Maybe. Does it work ? Yes. Red/white combination is a damn good old working look, and the gold wheels are OK with that. I do prefer this version better than the light cream Hakotora to be honest.

It is an official Coca Cola product, and seems to be a HK Tiny Exclusive, distibuted by TOYEAST LIMITED. Again, lot of fun in this Coca Cola car, that will certainly find a success among Coca Cola collectors. After all, M2 Machines had success with their Coca Cola line. Here, the product is totally different, but nice.

The execution is surely, again, totally mastered, and the stand of the car is stunning. Oh, I said it was a V2, which means it is the version without the rear bumper, with a more “free” exhaust, and a front with a see able radiator. I also love the hidden details such as the treatment of the exhaust, underneath. All in all, I really appreciate this Coca Cola version, even if I’m not a Coca Cola things collector, and I’m not especially interested in these kinds of products. Well done Inno!

All those cars are easy to find, and at very accessible prices on eBay!

See you soon for Inno64 news Part 2!


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