Inno64 April new models part 2 : Nissan Hakotora Decepcionez

Here is part 2 of the news of April from Inno64, with the collaboration model of the new Hakotora : 09 Racing Decepcionez.

The model comes in a very nice packaging like the TofuGarage model, which means a very qualitative box including the display case. This is the 4th release of this tiny truck (first was white, then Advan concept livery, and a Coca Cola edition for Tiny HK).

The Decepcionez Hakotora truck is a collaboration model, as I said, with a guy called Shingo (I found him on Instagram), and it is believed to be the first Hakotora truck in the USA. I don’t know much about it, except the model, looking at the pictures available of the 1:1 car, is very close to reality!

As usual, the Hakotora, whether you like or not, received a very good treatment from Inno64. The truck is always neat, well executed, the paint of good quality, mirrors fixed right. I also admire paint delimitation between wheel arches and the rest of the body, very clean. The truck comes with a metal chassis as usual, and rolls with some help.

Many details are well represented, such as the front headlights that are not similar, the plate on the right side, and above all, the covers over the wheels! This is the signature of the model. And these little pieces are really good job from Inno considering that it is 1:64 scale, and that the wheels of the truck are very small!!

You can grab one before it’s too late, some can be found on eBay.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. Another great model from Inno, another lovely review from you. Thank you as I’m an Inno fan and these type of reviews are always enjoyed to the full 🙂

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