Inno64 April new models part one : Lancer Evo IX wagon and Accord Euro 7 in white

It’s been a while since my last article, so here I am. The diecast world is not in its more prolific mode but regarding the situation, I won’t complain. Inno64 news are coming monthly, sometimes recolors, sometimes new models. This month is both, and believe me a lot of new and cool stuff is coming within the end of the year from the brand.

It’s always a joy to have a new model (I mean a new casting mold), and let me introduce you the brand new casting of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon. The Evo IX wagon is a 4×4 angry car of 280hp, from around 2005. Obviously, I cannot distinguish the Evo VII, VIII and IX. It seems only the Evo IX got the wagon treatment, which can explain why Inno64 tooled a number 9. This is a very unexpected car, both in 1:1 and 1:64! We have seen a lot of Lancer Evo the last few years, both street and rally versions. The Lancer Evo history is definitely an open-ended honey pot for lots of manufacturers. So, the Evo IX wagon is an interesting choice, and it comes in pearl white and Super Taikyu Series straight at the beginning.

The street version is in a nice pearl white (photos don’t do justice but the color is very nice), with a roof box in a very nice gloss black treatment. This piece is fixed (I hope I’m not mistaking, but I did not manage to move it), and as I said, received a very nice treatment. It’s always cool not to neglect these kind of details, when you are in the premium segment.

You can find some on eBay easily.

The car itself is satisfying, where the black treatment of the windows is very neat and clean. I love the fine design of the wheels, such as the very cool details of the red brake calipers. The sporty exhaust is cool too. The general aspect of the car is good job. I would just have loved it a little lowered. The car comes with an extra set of white wheels, that I’m still hesitating to put …

As you can see, I’ve decided to animate a bit my pictures, by adding some figures I had from Amercian Diorama. Those are MiJo Exclusives, and are made of metal. I ordered them at Quinazland, a trusty Hobby dealer from France. Those figures are interesting, and there is a lot of variety. They tend to fall sometimes, but the set comes with little pieces of invisible skotch.

Our second Evo IX is a very colorful version of the Super Taiikyu Series 2006 Tokachi 24 hours race. I absolutely don’t know these races neither this car, but is does exist of course!

Again, I wish the car to be lowered a little bit more, maybe this is something they can adjust for future releases. On the other hand, the car rolls. And I absolutely don’t care at all and would preferred it to be lowered, but I know this point is important for many collectors, so I must relate it. Color scheme is very nice, and appreciable, and some details have been implemented, such as new seat, roll cage, this double round piece on the rear hood. Mirrors are also different, such as the front air intakes. Find this cool car before it’s too late!

The recolor of the month is also about the Honda Accord Euro-R (CL7), in white. Simple, street, this is the third street version of this car. It comes with extra decals sheet and set of wheels, and as you can see, I swapped it to black. Why ? For fun, and because I already have a street black version, stock. This look is more aftermarket style, and I like it. Nothing much to say about this discreet version, that is a neat execution once again.

Now, let’s see all this little world in a car meet, for fun of course! Enjoy the pics. The parking carpet is from Mini GT (eBay link)!

Next time will be part 2 of the news with the Hakotora Decepcionez truck. Stay tuned on LamleyGroup for more!


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