Hot Wheels Retail Premium Lowriders: A Quick Glance

With the Hot Wheels HWC ’64 Impala Lowrider from sale Tuesday being yet another CF of a sale (plenty of opinions on that, but that’s for another time), I thought I’d give some light to the company’s prior premium lowriders. In the early 2000s Cool Collectibles line, there were four lowriders cars with adjustable/posable axles so you could give them whatever stance you felt like. While the mainline already had lowrider castings like the Purple Passion, ’59 Chevy Impala, Tail Dragger and ’65 Chevy Impala, they were of course at fixed stances.

The ’69 Buick Riviera, along with its counterpart the ’70 Monte Carlo, was the first one I had seen at retail. These two castings were the main 2 that, in my opinion, were done with “typical” lowrider cars. Both debuted in the 1999 Lowriders Magazine 3 car set, which I’m still after. At the moment, I only have this dark orange one of the Riviera (I have two of the Monte Carlos but I couldn’t remember where they were… they weren’t in my jammers for some reason).

In the initial 3 car Lowriders Magazine set, the ’53 Chevy was the third casting. This one seemed odd to me to be included, but that’s probably because I’m not overly well versed in the lowrider culture.

The third I’ll show today is one that I’m pretty sure wasn’t based on a real car. Or at least, not directly. This behemoth is called Big Mutha (fitting, really). With a massive forward-tilt front clip, it can only be opened when the car is in its upright position. A huge car even for this line’s standards.

Search for Hot Wheels lowriders on eBay. But save some for me, haha.

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