Matchbox Mini Moment: the final 2020 Convoy

As we finish off another year, I just wanted to squeeze this in before the bells started ringing to bring in the New Year. Especially because this model came from Australia, which is just about to turn to a new year. As we know Matchbox relaunched Convoy this year. I have done articles on the first 2 batches of them, which can be checked again here (batch A) and here (batch B). There were 8 in the series, and batch A arrived in January featuring the first 4 sets, but then when batch B arrived in July we only saw 3 of the final 4. In November, Australia started seeing a third batch. It was repeats of the two Box Trailer issues from January (Skyjacker and Tesla), but the third pack in the set was the final issue of the series. Number 6 of 8, the MB1150 MBX Cabover and Box Trailer in orange. Included with the pack was an MB988 Power Lift in matching orange.

The thing is, I am not sure if these have appeared in USA. I know we in the UK do not get Convoy at all, so I have been receiving them all from abroad. Wheel Collectors supplied me with the first 2 batches, but as of the moment still have not had a third assortment in. I haven’t heard of anywhere in USA that has so far. I don’t know if they will. So, not wanting to miss out, I reached out to a fellow collector from Australia, Luke McKenna. He goes by the handle @matchboxluke on Instagram if you want to check it out. Australia is a great place to be at the moment if you are a Matchbox collector. He graciously went out and grabbed me a set and sent it half way around the world. Thank you Luke. This is very much appreciated.

You see what is the most important part about this release is, it is not the same as the other 7 Convoy sets that have appeared so far. Each model took a Convoy model and added in a miniature in addition with a livery that had been seen before. Each miniature was therefore a carry forward design (as the Matchbox team call it). But this Power Lift? Hello, I have never seen this before. Let’s double check.

Let’s see, it debuted back in 2007. It was yellow in the basic range as MB45, white in the Construction 5-pack and red in the all-exclusive 1st Editions 10-pack. Yes, definitely not one of those.

Hmm! 2008. 4 issues. Green was the MB60 that year (except the LAAM market), orange was in the German exclusive Euro Edition series (but was a darker orange with completely different design), grey was in the Action 10-pack and cream was a random 20-pack exclusive. It is not like any of those.

2009 saw a light grey/blue MB69 (for a second time except in the LAAM market), dark grey/red was another Construction 5-pack issue and black was that year’s Action 10-pack issue. It definitely is not like any of these either.

After this is sort of became a basic range only release, and 2010 saw the MB44 in white (again except in the LAAM market, why did Latin America not get the Power Lift?), green was the 2011 MB44 (oh wait this time it was in the LAAM market, but now not in the ROW market) and 2012 was yellow as MB42 in the now one worldwide series. Let’s see, err, yes, all definitely different.

The 2013 MB69 had some orange, but now in the regular place as it was mainly grey, the 2014 MB22 in white was clearly different and the 2015 MB37 in black was nothing like the new version. All completely different for sure.

And finally we saw a yellow 2016 MB52, and the pair of 2017 MB46/2018 MB53 grey issues (with a different logo on the rear pillar) rounding off all releases of the originally MB704, but later MB988 Power Lifts. So that means this one was exclusive.

What a way to cap of a year of Convoy models. An all-exclusive set. Plus, I have to admit, I really like the Matchbox themed design to them too. So much so, I have a little post going on Instagram later myself about that if you follow me at @davidjtilley on Instagram. And again, thank you very much Luke for sending me this set. I have been having lots of fun with it. Have a great New Year everybody and see you again Monday for more Matchbox goodies.

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  1. It’s late February 2021. Is it true that this set won’t make it to the US? Do you know why? I’ve been waiting for this model for since it was showcased in the Germany convention thing. I’ll be extremely disappointed if it doesn’t come to the US. I have a friend in Spain. Does Matcubox get sold there? Thanks for the article.

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