Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2021 C Case

I mentioned that Mattel sent over two cases. I liked a lot of models in the B Case, but I liked the C Case even better. Check it out:

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  1. The first half of this case had me worried, very underwhelming. Second half was much better. The ones I’m most excited about here are the Porsche 935 (though this deco is getting tired) and the Delta Integrale, as well as the carry-over highlights from the last case – the Dodge Van and the the Volvo 850. It’s really nice to see the M3 GT2 back in the lineup, it’s been a minute since we saw that one. I’d like to see a premium release of that one with full tampos at some point. I think there’s enough superb BMW castings in Hot Wheels’ garage at this point that they could curate a pretty excellent all-BMW Car Culture batch with them. I know variety is nice, but I could think of half a dozen car makes that would be great one-make Car Culture releases, kind of like the Walmart-exclusive mainline sets they do, but premium.

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