Lamley Interview: Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey previews 2021 RLC models.

Season 2 of my Lamley IG Live series on Instagram started out as strong as it could. Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey, famous for designing the ’55 Bel Air Gasser, among MANY other classics, joined me to show us all what he is working on for the upcoming 2021 Red Line Club.

And don’t fret, RLC members, the 2020 year is far from over. If you are a member now you will still get a shot at all the models planned for this year, including the BME E46, Impala Low Rider, and others. But the Hot Wheels Team is always well into the future, so Brendon decided to give us a taste.

The interview is below, and will be permanently housed on the Lamley IGTV Channel. I’ve got plenty more interviews to come for Season 2, so be sure to follow @lamleygroup on Instagram if you haven’t already.

Thanks to @helloredline for the screenshots:

5 Replies to “Lamley Interview: Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey previews 2021 RLC models.”

  1. Excited to see how these come to life over the next year. One thing kinda driving me nuts – the wheels on the Camaro. I get it – real life resto mods and so forth use these 5 spoke wheels often.
    And, they look generic.
    The RLC Charger released a couple weeks ago and now the Camaro are victims of bland wheels better served on the mainline cars. The name is Hot Wheels, after all.

    1. 🤣😂 Yeah… I have to agree w/the usage of such tame ass wheels on an awesome release like the RLC Charger…
      Too much dark especially with those drab wheels..CHROME is the name of the game, but since Mattel has
      been cutting costs by eliminating chrome plating on some castings, a nice bright painted wheel would
      have worked..
      BUT the most depressing thing about the higher cost of an RLC nowadays as far as the Charger is concerned??..
      PLASTIC BASE! Yes.. I just happened to get an Ultra Hots Charger (Silver w/black top & chrome 5 spokes)
      and it had a nice METAL base!… And that was a $5 car in it’s day…

  2. I have been hoping for that Power Wagon to be in the Matchbox lineup for years. It looks awesome, but if it stays in the RLC it’s going to stay out of my reach.

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