Lamley Daily : brand new Altezza Super Taikyu by Inno64

Model: Altezza N1 Super Taikyu 2002

Release: Inno64 October 2020 release

eBay link: Inno64 Altezza

Why it’s in the collection: I did not have yellow rims in the collection.

Just kidding, but in the end, those yellow rims are gorgeous. It’s a car I bought for myslelf for my own collection with my own money. And you know what ? I love it! I have a constantly growing collection of Inno64, and even if display space will soon be a problem, I love where the brand is going. I don’t know much about this car but I love the livery, the big spoiler and the yellow rims. I love its Touring Car shape. As always, interior is treated with care, the antenna is thin, the packaging cool. Maybe the pieces supporting the rear spoiler could have been more thin (I assume it”s difficult to have small pieces like this without photo-etched them).

Oh, and did you spot the SEGA logo ? Too cool.

Inno is offering a large variety of Altezza models, and I am very far from having them all, but I couldn’t resist this one for sure. Your thoughts ?


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