My top 5 eBay shops for diecast !

I want to share with you guys my top 5 best eBay addresses for diecast. This is of course a non exhaustive list, and many more other shops are for sure very good deals. But this is the top eBay shops I buy from, for the last few years. You might know now that my collection is oriented JDM and premium, so expect to find more of this kind of diecast from those shops.

Shall we begin ?

First is New Ace Hong Kong Limited : NewaceHKltd shop. It is one of those goldmines I wish I had in France, and I wish I can see one day in my life if I ever trip to Asia. Products are high level, premium oriented, and prices are really reasonable. Shipping is fast and reliable. Well, this a serious seller from Hong Kong. This is where I got my amazing Timothy & Pierre Singer Porsches for example, or some of my Hobby Japan.

Second, MoxToys : MoxToys on eBay. It is a Chinese shop, that is well known, and where you can find all the latest 1:64 common and uncommon diecast. Licensed or not (…). For sure, you can hardly find a better place for all those new brands and new models popping up almost every day. It is where my white Ferrari 250 GTO with Enzo figure comes from. Prices may seem a bit high, but it includes shipping costs. In my cases, all went fine and quite quick.

Third, my dear Spanish Shop AgToyCars : AgToyCars on eBay. A Spanish shop that is the best way for Europeans diecast collectors to get good deals on recent diecast mainly from Asia. It my shop to buy MCE RWB models, some other resin models or Inno64. Shipping is fine and quick.

Fourthly, for French readers and collectors, Quinazland : Quinazland on eBay. It is the best way for french and European collectors to get US diecast mainly. Recent listings of M2 Machines, Greenlight, Auto World, Hot Wheels and MiJo Exclusives. Sometimes some Aoshima. I order regularly, shipping is really low.

Five, of course Japan Booster : Japan Booster on eBay. THE best place to get your Tomica Limited Vintage cars. By a mile. Free shipping via DHL worldwide if 100$ spent (since the crisis), hyper secure packaging and boxes protected. And above all, a 5 stars quality service from Akiyo.

I can’t indicate good shops without adding a word about ModelMatic, in the UK. Jon is friendly and is working hard to get the news for us collectors, and even if he doesn’t run an eBay shop, have a look at his site. It might be Christmas before Christmas.

I hope this little list will help you to find some nice cars for your collection. I love to share good addresses because sellers make a great job to offer us the best choice and the best value. They are collectors themselves for a large part of them. So thank you.



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  1. I have used most of the Asian companies you have listed.. Never a problem. I have that Timothy and Pierre and it is a work of beauty.

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