Meet the Inno64 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 “Black Limited”

Hello hello, JDM fans. Here we go again with another JDM nugget from our Macau friends. It is the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Black Limited.

A black car. On a black base. With gold deco. What can be more 80’s than this ? I have to be honest, I did not know this car before seeing the Inno preview on their Facebook page, but of course I was very updated on the Trueno itself. Initial D of course, and Gran Turismo knowledge. This particular version called Black Limited was issued at 400 units in 1986, and all were Sprinter Truenos. Not to be confused with the Levin, which is basically the same car but with different body styles (headlights, taillights, engines …).

The Black Limited with the Levin versions. Note the different headlights and taillights.

The particularity of this model is of course the cool fact it’s a Black Limited (I love when diecast teaches me something on car culture), but above all that it is an opened headlights version. I believe it’s the first time Inno offers a version like this. Opened headlights have already been seen on CM’s models and more recently on Hobby Japan models. It gives the car a cute face, and it is for sure a nice detail. You can find some on eBay.

You may ask why the wheels are not gold, and you would be right. The car comes with an extra wheels set in gold, that I did not put because I love this kind of after-market lowered style brilliant wheels. My mind can change though.

All in all the AE86 by Inno64 is a very nice car, small and low, but it’s what I love from this manufacturer. I love the base too, as I display them with it. I have ordered myself the Minolta version, which will be my 6th version of the AE86 by Inno.



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  1. The only difference between the Trueno and Levin was the headlights. There are no mechanical changes afaik.

    That is a brilliant looking model indeed! Love the details, the subtle bodykit and the wheels. Looks quintessentially 80s!

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