Lamley YouTube: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Premium Quick Shifters

The latest video showcase from the Lamley YouTube Channel:

5 Replies to “Lamley YouTube: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Premium Quick Shifters”

  1. I watched the video last night, and today I found a couple pegs worth of this F&F set, several Thrill Climbers and some of the next Boulevard set at a Walmart where I travel for work. Some days you just hit it exactly right.

  2. I love the 2nd gen NSX! Can’t wait to find these in stores. I’m on the fence with the Corvette Stingray, as it’s not the core type of cars I collect. But it’s such a clean and sharp look that I may have to grab one if I see it. I’m definitely an S2000 fan, but won’t give this one a second thought. Not just because of the pink paint, but even more so the hideous graphics. The R33 Skyline is a beautiful casting, but I have zero interest in this ugly deco version. Another easy pass. The Cuda looks OK, but isn’t a model I collect. Hopefully these cases start showing up in stores soon so I can get my hands on the gorgeous new NSX Type R and appreciate it firsthand.

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