Cataloging My Revell Lowriders

These have been on display in my diecast sanctuary for quite some time. I bought most of them in one go for a ridiculous deal. They were cheap because the packaging was water damaged and in rough shape. However, the cars survived.

Now it is time to move them out of my display case to make room for something else. They are going to live in a Creative Options 5315 for a while. But before I put them away it is time to catalog them and log them in a Google Sheet. I have been slowly cataloging my collection and it has been a laborious and time-consuming project. Maybe sometime I’ll do a feature on how exactly I am doing that… for now, I thought it would be interesting enough to quickly share all of what I have for Revell Lowriders.

These are just quick snaps of these cars so forgive the worse than normal photography.

Here is what I have and here is a link to find them on eBay.

Didn’t even get this one in frame… haha

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  1. I’ve only got one but, boy do I love it! It’s the silver/ red 64 impala. I just wish they werent so expensive now.

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