The angry Renault Sport Megane RS, by Norev

This is one I wanted to feature for a long time, because it’s a favorite casting of mine, of a very famous French car. Not a car (or a brand I would say) I’m particularly fan of, as I used to own a Renault in 1:1 and it was …eh, nightmare wouldn’t be enough ? That being said, mine was not a Renault Sport (R.S).

Norev did a fantastic job with this casting, that was available first for Renault shop Atelier Renault in Paris Champs-Elysées. The casting is neat, well proportioned, the stance is good and the paint is made of good quality. I can only complain as usual about the lack of soft tires, and non reported headlights. It is super hard for manufacturers to replicate those more and more complicated headlights, with led and all. So we get tampo work. You can find some on eBay.

I also love the attention given to the wheels, and that is something Norev always cared about with it’s 3 inches / 1:64 replicas from the beginning.

The first two versions were the sirius yellow and the orange sanguine, and I have to admit I have a thing with the orange sanguine. Man, it’s so lovely.

The orange version has also been tooled by the very popular Majorette brand of the moment, and it is more toy-ish in my opinion, but a decent minicar with some attention to details. The size is also a bit strange.

Later, Norev proposed the Megane IV RS in the mainline in a nice red flame I also adore. What I dislike though is the lack of details and tampowork for this mainline version. If you though that Hot Wheels was the best for the game of the lost of details and tampos, well Norev might be the king. Sadly, this nice version doesn’t have the black paint between the windows, or the black in the rear. Target price my friends.

But to balance that, Norev also offered a super nice GT version, in blue iron, this time pretty much detailed. You can see the molds are well different in the front grill. I absolutely adore this blue version you can only find in the mainline.

To be complete about the Renault Megane IV, let’s have a quick look at the street versions available in Renault Shop Atelier Renault, with 3 very highly detailed versions. Colors are not very fun, but they are great minicars.

Strangely, Norev never tooled the Renault Megane 3 RS (that was a success car though), and tooled the standard coupé version. We must go back in time to find the last Megane RS with the second generation. It was tooled for Renault shop back in time, and came with a metal base, in a superb red/ brick orange. It was part of a set of 3 Renault sport cars in a little metal box. Damn I’m happy to have one. It contains the Renault Sport Clio V6 in blue, which is a beauty, and a Renault Clio Super 1600, a rally car.

The Renault Megane 2 RS came out in the mainline too, in black in Mini Jet boxes (the best Norev 3 inches in my opinion). It might be my favorite.

Then the orange version also came out in the mainline but this time with a plastic base, and the almost same red/orange color (with Norev, you never know).

Finally, let’s take notice of a chrome version, that was a kind of chase. It’s very uncommon, and besides a Peugeot 307 WRC and a Citroen C4 Coupé, we never saw those chrome cars again. To be perfectly complete, a Renault Megane 2 RS exists too as a promotional car for the soccer team AS Saint-Etienne, in green, I sadly don’t own. If one comes at a good price, I might be tempted …

That’s all for today, with this quick overview of Renault Megane Sport models by Norev, I hope you enjoyed. I love so dig from time to time in my old Norev collection. Cheers.


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  1. Very cool to see more non-German euro stuff featured. I love French and Italian cars for their design, flair and character.

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