Lamley Daily: Greenlight Beverly Hills Cop Nova

Model: 1970 Chevrolet Nova

Release: Greenlight Hollywood Series 27

Ebay Link: Greenlight Beverly Hills Nova

Why I am featuring it: I am just a huge fan of when brands put out dusty/dirty/rusty versions of cars. Greenlight does a great job with the dusty look. Once I saw this release in person I had to grab one. The car is in the Hollywood series so it appeals to the movie car collector as well. Below is a pic of the car as it appears in the 1984 Beverly Hills Cop movie.

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As you can see Greenlight did a pretty good job faithfully reproducing this car in 1/64 scale.

Even if you are not into the Beverly Hills Cop movie franchise this is a worthwhile addition to your Greenlight collection. It is a good example of their 3rd gen Chevrolet Nova tooling and the weathering job on it is done well. It also should be bang on 1/64 scale. All that makes for a great “diorama ready” car.

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  1. I am hoping that this casting is released soon as a ’73 and ’74 model. It was announced as a 1968 through 1974 model in the 2019 catalog, so my fingers are crossed. It looks like only a minimal revision to the front end and different taillights would make this possible.

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