Matchbox Mini Moment – The 2020 Golf Tournament models

As you know, I recently did a post about the Everett Marshall Charities annual Golf Tournament and how for the last number of year Matchbox has prepared a unique model for the event and a second model in alternate pink for 2 charities. You can revisit that post here. But I paid my charity donation and have now received the models for myself. So why not finish off the report in my own way by doing what I would have done had I received them before.

So obviously the 2 models arrive in these fancy little prisons, I mean plexi-cases

Each model is attached to the plinth with 2 screws. Good job I always keep a trusty mini screwdriver handy. This screwdriver has been with me on multiple trips to USA as I keep it not too far from me.

Ah much better. The MB1180 ’59 Dodge Coronet Police (or should I say Fire Chief) is the first time we have seen a fire chief model used as a fundraiser, and I love it! These are such lovely little models. They feel quite period correct in their designs too, which is really good.

This is Everett’s 15th fundraiser so they have the number 15 on them. Due to the events this year, the fundraiser is still ongoing and will continue until the end of the month. Of course you don’t have to actually play a round of golf. I can’t play to save my life. If I was to start today I will still be playing next month. The only thing I can do it putt. Once I am on the green I am pretty decent, and have mastered quite a few long shots. But getting there? The mound of dirt I take out the ground as I swing would go further than the golf ball most times.

As I mentioned, half of the models are for Everett’s Burns Foundation charity, which this is in red, with the other half for Cancer Research obviously in pink.

The model is only on it’s second year since launching in 2019. It is the first Dodge Coronet that Matchbox have made in miniature, and it is a 4th generation out of 7.

It first arrived in the 2019 basic range as MB43 in black with white doors.

And earlier this year saw a white and blue version appear as MB94 in the 2020 basic range.

In one foul swoop I have doubled up my collection of Coronets.

And in doing so I know that I have also helped out 2 charities with my donation. So a win-win for me. Well I hope you enjoyed this mini moment. A little addendum to the previous article as mentioned.

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