Unboxing: Greenlight Muscle Series 23

Here is another Greenlight Unboxing video. This time we have Greenlight Muscle Series 23. There are some nice ones in here. In particular the Ford Lightning is very nice in black. The muscle series is a nice one in general for the collector that prefers realism as these cars are often dressed in stock color.

These cases are not provided by Greenlight for a preview so this series is available now. Also this is a sealed case so there is always a chance to score a Green Machine ; )

2 Replies to “Unboxing: Greenlight Muscle Series 23”

  1. The F150, Nova, Plymouth, and Cougar are all terrific upper-tier castings. I highly recommend picking up the plain red COPO ‘68 Nova—dog dish hubs and no graphics. As far as the others are concerned, the rear deck on the Camaro is sloped downward too much, giving the car an almost hatchback look. The fuselage front end bumper on the Challenger is too thick. The AW casting is much more accurate. And for the Xth time, GL, pullleeeeezzz drop the steamroller tires…

  2. As far as Green machines go I wish they would go back to the old style

    The new ones look like a reject that a kid got a hold of moms green nail polish and painted the base Green

    I have passed up Green base machines cause their ugly
    I say Bring back the green body Only Green machines

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