Lamley Daily: Sparky Renault F1

Model: Sparky Renault R.S.17

Release: Nico Hülkenberg, 2017 Bahrain GP

Ebay link: Sparky 1:64

Why I’m featuring it: Contemporary Formula 1 cars are sadly thin on the ground in 1:64 scale these days – something I talked more about in my previous articles on Matchbox F1. With the 2020 F1 season now up and running however, and with Nico Hülkenberg back in an F1 car last weekend (though sadly not in the race), I thought it was time to show this Renault.

2020-08-05 13.46.14

Spark (in its ‘Sparky’ 1:64 range) is well known for its racing sportscars but has made a couple of F1 machines in recent years – this Renault R.S.17 and Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 Mercedes-AMG W06. The Renault represents the car used by Hülkenberg at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2017. I’m a bit of a Hamilton fan but I like the Renault model better, it’s striking in black and yellow.

2020-08-05 13.45.27

If you didn’t see last weekend’s British GP, Hülkenberg – who lost his seat at Renault for this season – had been due to sub at short notice for the Covid-quarantined Sergio Perez at Racing Point, but on Sunday afternoon his car wouldn’t fire up and he failed to make the race. He then had to watch on as the both the Renaults and the remaining Racing Point raced strongly into the points. At the time of writing, it wasn’t clear whether Hülkenberg would get another chance next weekend. I hope he does, he never seems to catch a break…

2020-08-05 13.44.282020-08-05 13.44.16

Sparky models can be hard to find, depending on where you live, but they’re well worth tracking down. I’m not aware of any more F1 machines in the works but look out for lots more cool sportscar releases from Sparky later in the year.

2020-08-05 13.44.02

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  1. Hilarious, can i ask, did you actually watch the race, as Nico was just that Sitting, for about 5 minutes as he never even got out of the pit garage, so, his return last week was a damp squib, hopefully again at Silverstone for the 70th anniversary race (which should have been named, the Sir Stirling Moss memorial Race, but they gave it a stupid name instead) this weekend.. and hopefully Hamilton will knob the rest again….

    1. Yes, I watched it live. At least he got to qualify the car! Was confirmed today that he’ll get another chance this weekend. Hopefully he makes it into the race this time 🙂

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