Lamley Daily : Mini GT Honda Civic Type-R

Model: Mini GT Honda Civic Type R and Type R Modulo Edition, both in Aegean Blue

Release: Mini GT mainline n°2 and n°17

Ebay Link : Honda Civic Mini GT

The Honda Civic Type R is the very first model of the brand (the white one was n°1). The Aegean Blue is the second. This is a first good reason to have one in your collection.

Second, the Aegean Blue is one iconic color when you think Honda Civic Type R. Mini GT’s color is very close to the reality.

Above all, this minicar was so excepted by the diecast world (because of the delays and issues at the beginning of the Mini GT make), that is was good news to see it arrive in the collection.

The Modulo edition (=kit) remains my favorite Civic, with its white rims.

All in all, this minicar is almost a classic. What’s your opinion ?

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