Leen Customs is going full Porsche Pin Drop this Friday, and two are aimed at us diecast nerds

Actually they are all aimed at us nerds. Nine Porsche Pins from Leen Customs this Friday at 9am PST. The connection between 1/64 collectors and these tiny pins is a natural one, and I’ve been sucked in. I’ve got pegboard going up in the garage to house what I’ve got, and it has the same effect as staring at the wall displays housing my diecast cars.

Hopefully you are familiar with Leen Customs. Han’s pins have been popping up everywhere, especially at West Coast car events, and the diecast crossover has been obvious. You see many of the same faces in lines trying to get the latest Leen pin as well as lines for the Hot Wheels Legends models. Of course events like those have been non-existent most of this year, so lines for Leen pins are now virtual, and online, and a bot battleground. And they are red-hot. All collectible, definitely art, with a sprinkle of automotive hype beast.

And I just like what Han does. His approach is proper, it is creative, and always a little surprising. It takes a lot to get fanboys to oooooh and aaaaaaah about something new the way they do when Hot Wheels drops new model news, but Leen has achieved that. His drops are a big deal.

Which leads to this Friday. The next drop is July 31st at 9am PST, and it is very Porsche-centric. Nine Porsche pins in all, limited to 500 each, with two of particular interest to me and surely to other diecast nerds:

You need to head over to Leen’s Instagram to see all the pins, but let’s talk about these two.

The first, an RWB going full WWII regalia, is based on this specific Hot Wheels build by @hotwheelsworks. We can start with the custom, masterfully done – LOVE the roof cargo – with a deco that looks perfect on an RWB. One that is even being given away as part of the collab with Leen.

Oh yeah, and a chase. A CHASE. 50 made, randomly sent out to buyers:

See, Leen knows what they are doing. They say “Chase”, we say “Where and how!?!”

Now onto the Super Nine. Based on the JYRWBHK RWB, this one comes with something super cool: a magnetized, detachable turbo fan on the front wheel. Next level. Not for kids under 3 hahahaha.

The diecast connection is simple. Anything RWB sends us into a frenzy, and Tarmac Works did this one awhile ago. If you have the Tarmac model, you’ll want the pin. If you don’t have the Tarmac model, you’ll want the pin.

So yeah, this is a cool drop. I’m willing to add the #lamleyhype to Leen, because I love stuff like this. One person with a good idea, a lot of ambition, and some true creativity. This is why I like what I do, and how it leads me to folks like Han at Leen Customs. I will warn though. These pins are addictive.

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